GE Neuro powered by AMD now on Steam

By on September 6, 2016


  • GE Neuro has been updated and released on Steam for the Vive & the Oculus CV1

In gearing up to the release of Senza Peso, we wanted to also put out one of our other favorites: GE Neuro done in collaboration with GE & AMD. You can go to the store page now and give it a run.

As a refresher, Neuro takes you on a journey through the mind of musician Reuben Wu who scored an original soundtrack to this experience. You travel through his imagination to the amygdala while listening to his original scored soundtrack.

GE Neuro Screenshot 1

Using Reuben’s brain scan, we created a portal into the human brain. One of my favorite parts of the experience is poking your head through the volumetric MRI scan and watching his neurons fire. Thanks to AMD’s pioneering virtual reality technology LiquidVR™, we were able to create this high-end visual spectacle while still keeping it running buttery smooth in VR. Mad props to photographer and DJ, Reuben Wu, for sitting 4 hours in an MRI machine so Cory could scan his neurological responses to his thoughts, ideas, fears and memories.

GE Neuro Screenshot 2

Will K&L ever create a VR experience without going through portals? ONLY TIME WILL TELL

GE Neuro Screenshot 3

Scientists breaking new ground in understanding how the brain works through advanced imaging technology




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