By on March 18, 2014

We just posted up our new VR experience titled K&L Station which leads you into our experience,  the CAVE.  (The link is in the previous blog post)


We wanted to create a branded opening experience that leads you into each of our VR experiences. Similar to a Film Studio title in front of a movie, like FOX or the Warner Brothers logo.  We love how those short logo animations and music get you excited your about to watch a big movie and also how they enhance the logos depending on the movie (the WB logo for the Matrix, etc…) However in VR space, this idea can be interpreted in many different ways…. Not to mention in VR it can’t just be a logo… right?  It has to be a full blown killer experience!!

Our inspiration somehow landed at Hugo meets the Fifth Element!  For those of you who haven’t seen the experience you start in a busy retro furturisic Parisian train station complete with flying cars. The K&L Express arrives to take you on your journey as your faced with some of the funny characters who hang out at the station!  And there is a Transwarping portal at the end!

The thought was a good VR opening experience could serve several purposes.  It gives first time VR experiencers an opportunity to acclimate into VR space.  This seemed important considering one of the new experiences we’re creating is very surreal… not exactly grounded in reality,  so allowing them to start the journey in a more reality based setting seemed like it would help the transition into surreal.  Second, we loved the idea that a setting giving you a sense of travel and going on a journey was fun and enhanced the overall teleportive aspects of VR.  Like any good song, movie or book there is a build up in the dynamic structure of the story so a good VR open could serve as the first step in getting the juices flowing so your viewer is at full connection when they arrive at the main experience.

The train station also becomes a great playground for re-skinning the experience to enhance where your going.  For example,  we can launch you from different station platforms depending on which experience you choose or instead of a pickup by the K&L express, a bad ass big steampunk train pulls up, hinting your about to travel somewhere very far! It can be funny or mysterious or adventuresome (Jason Bourne style chase scene through the station) all to help create a mood and warm the viewer up for a particular experience.

I’m curious what you guys think about a VR open, things that work or don’t about the idea itself along with the same for our particular first pass at it.  Seems obvious there should be an option to skip the open or maybe a shorter version?

And thanks to all for checking it out and participating in the excitement,  it fuels our creative fire!



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    September 10, 2014

    Is this demo DK 2 compatible?

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      September 15, 2014

      yup! DK2 enabled

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    Henrique santos

    January 14, 2015

    Pela primeira vez testei senza peso e gostei muito, mas assim que foi lançado KNLstation, realmente incrivel todos os dias que chego do trabalho tenho que ver pelo menos uma vez a viagem, muito, muito e muito excelente seus trabalhos, viagem inesquecivel pena que é pequena a demo.mas sei que da muito trabalho construir. obs: meu unico ponto de vista negativo é que a demo THECAVE colocado como continuaçao de KNstation ficou meio que fora de contexto junto a KNLstation, só que nao deixa de ser uma boa demo, imagino que futuramente voces possa colocar outras plataformas de viagem dentro de KNLstation como opçoes de lugares para se conheçer. muito obrigado por essas demos, Sucesso a vocês e espero anciosamente pelas futuras demos. abraços Henrique brasil


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