Bebylon Battle Royale

By on November 2, 2015

After 3 months in stealth mode, we’re excited to announce we’re making a wild VR comedy game called: Bebylon: Battle Royale, A game of Vehicular Melee Party Brawling!

So if you ever dreamt about possessing the body of an eccentric superstar baby driving a Rolls Royce hovercraft armed to destroy the giant ego of your baby opponent in front of screaming fans… we have the perfect game world for you;

A perfect game world is after all not a jolly round of chess in the park, or shuffleboard with the neighbors. It’s a dirty, rotten showdown; a monumental roasting of egos, a fan-screeching, game of greed, status, envy, humiliation bombs, sucker punches and bitch slaps. It’s the uncontrollable desire to crush your opponents self-worth into a vaporous ash! It’s the battle to be the richest most badass beby in Bebylon.

The Future is set!

After a year of working on amazing client VR projects, we’re thrilled to be back creating our own experiences and diving head first into a multi-player VR comedy game. Bebylon is more exciting and ambitious than anything we’ve done before.  Our desire is to meaningfully explore the power of presence, comedy and gaming and to funnel the resulting magic into a world of endless fun!  Speaking of a world of fun…

(Cue Bebylon Origin Story)

In the future, mankind triumphs in developing an immortality pill and with it, a new era of ageless, everlasting life! There was of course one tiny hiccup… unfortunately the newborn babies stopped aging as well. Immortal life is great unless you’re a newborn trapped for eternity in a chubby little 2 year old body! As time passed, the “bebies” began to resent living in a tall man’s world. Despite their adult intellect and attempts to “toughen up”, normal immortals couldn’t help but laugh at the cute spectacles. Bebies taking your order at Mc Donald’s, beby politicians, beby reality shows, beby gangsters for Christ sake. They just couldn’t be taken seriously. Their final hope of eventually becoming the majority was dashed with a worldwide outlaw of conception. No new bebies were to be born.

Drained by the endless humiliation and degradation, the great beby families across the globe broke from society to create Bebylon… A new city where bebies reign and being two feet tall was the norm! For a short time, the freedom from indignity, inspired love and compassion throughout Bebylon. The scars of humiliation ran deep however, and overcompensation became the real roots of this new baby culture: Status, entourages, cars, furs, gold, houses, you name it. the battle to be the richest, most badass beby in Bebylon grew into a national obsession.

From this craze, the Battle Royale games were born. If you can muster the mojo, Bebylon Battle Royale dares you to enter a wonderful world of ego-bashing, trash talking, smack downs, sucker punches and master the million ways to disgrace, humiliate, shame, roast and crush your opponents self worth into oblivion.

#You’reWorthIt #Flawless #SquadGoals #SorryNotSorry #HatersGonnaHate #Blessed #BBR


The core game is really the center piece for a much larger, richer world of experiences!  Many are still under wraps (more surprises to come!) but we are teasing things like live spectator dynamics, enabling the “Let’s Play” crowd to join in on the arena via insulting commentary, game betting, garbage hurling and other actions of ill repute.

It’s hard to say how the roadmap will unfold but initially our focus is on the game itself and making it incredibly fun and endlessly entertaining. Many of the outer layers will likely be folded in after the games initial release.    In the meantime, we’d like to open our doors to you guys during the games creation and continually post progress in the form of concept art, ideas, insights, and other interesting bits.

In future blogs, we want to express our initial findings on how the power of presence, gaming and comedy are incredibly awesome together as well as elaborate on some of the following game ingredients:
* Boasting & humiliation mechanics against your miniaturized beby opponent
* 3rd person/1st person dynamics & Social gameplay against your beby controller
* Pimp your ride style character customization along with avatar upgrades
* Hilarious and offensive items, powerups, and taunts to ego bash and pown your opponent
* A rich immersive art style and adult humor
* How we plan to infuriate, delight, offend while making you laugh all at the same time
* Aiming for a HMD Launch Window Release & support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, & Sony PSVR

Stay Tuned!
Cory & Ikrima




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