Senza Peso VR: DK2 Edition

DOWNLOAD THE DK2 VR EXPERIENCE: Windows VR YOUTUBE PLAYBACK: This is our most visually-rich experience to date — a high-end PC is required. The road to the DK2 Edition was full of surprising challenges but we’re happy that we have a 75 fps version with solid positional tracking.  I know you guys are super excited to try it so I’ll keep this short. A couple of new things:

The Launcher

We’re rolling out a very early launcher with a user registration system! We’re doing this because we want to get in the habit of providing autoupdates, delta upgrades, and quick fixes instead of having long periods of no releases (yay software development practices from this century!) I’m excited about where we want the launcher to grow but for now, it’ll primarily be a central hub for all of our content. We’re also rolling out a registration system so that I can mark those of you that want it as beta users to try out our latest experimental stuff. Our little newsletter has grown from 200 people to over 2000 people so managing that by email is getting a little crazy >_< (But thanks to all of you who beta tested and offered to beta test!) Right now, John created the launcher with autoupdate capabilities and a very basic user registration system.

The Epic Games Booth @ PAX

The ever-so-awesome guys at Epic Games offered us a spot on their booth at PAX Prime in Seattle last weekend. It was our first PAX and an awesome experience seeing so many people lose their VRginity on Senza Peso. Also, a personal shout out to the Xing & the Darknet teams for showcasing their game at the Indie Megabooth.

Next Project Reveal Coming Soon….

We can’t say much about it other than we’ll be announcing it next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more rad VR! Looking forward to seeing you guys in the metaverse! And as always, love to hear your feedback on anything and everything. Feel free to share and redistribute, just give us credit. Creative Commons License Senza Peso by Kite & Lightning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.