Senza Peso: New Virtual Reality Experience + Short Film

This is our most visually-rich experience to date — a high-end PC is required.

We’re excited to present our latest cinematic Virtual Reality experience, Senza Peso, along with its short film counterpart.

The idea: Watch the visually and musically-rich short film, then descend into the beautiful realms depicted therein and experience the afterlife for yourself without having to die first!


Senza Peso Open Source Screenshot

Senza Peso Open Source Screenshot

Some highlights & interesting facts:

– We switched from Unity to Unreal Engine 4 for this one (After Ikrima’s lifelong dream came true and UE became affordable, including the source code!).

– The short film was a passion project of my friend Alain Vasquez and myself. It took 5 years to make, and was finally finished 2 months ago.

– Because I wasn’t completely sick of working on it after 5 years (sarcasm), Ikrima and I decided to spend another 8 weeks building this awesome VR experience with all the film’s assets, music, etc…

Senza Peso the short film was based upon and inspired by an amazing song some friends of ours made. You can find out more about the music and short film here:

– Early in the Senza Peso VR project, we were joined by John Dewar, a rad fx generalist and programmer.

– More blog posts to come on this project, as well as on using UE4 vs Unity.

– For the UE4 community, we’re planning to release a realm or two into the marketplace.

Feel free to share and redistribute, just give us credit.
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