New Oculus Experience: The K&L Station

A Cinematic Hugo meets the 5th element

Quick blog post today. First off, thanks to everyone who helped beta test. The feedback really helped us turn up the graphics to 11. So without any delay, here’s our next Oculus VR release:

[Updated Mirror Link] Windows x86:

A couple of notes. This demo requires Quicktime to be installed; linux users, we haven’t forsaken you. I just didn’t realize this would be a problem until this morning so you’ll have to wait a little bit while we figure out an alternative.

As always, let me know what you think!

Download Details:


Mac & Linux coming soon.

The usual Oculus Rift bindings:

‘W,S’ – Move forward/back
‘A,D’ – Move left/right
‘Q,R’ – Turn the camera left/right


Feel free to share and redistribute, just give us credit. We don’t have a license for all of the content here, so we can’t use our normal license to allow people to remix things but hopefully in the future, we’ll release stuff that others can use.
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