NBC’s The Voice 360: A 3D 360 VR Experience

By on September 23, 2014

TLDR: Download at

A bit of a change of pace from our usual fantasy & sci-fi worlds, we just wrapped working with NBC to create a VR component for their Voice 3D 360 chair tour. When NBC approached us about this, we were excited that about the opportunity to experiment with 3D 360 video in VR and the opportunity to have the four judges (Pharrell, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, & Gwen Stefani) from the show participate in a little VR experience. From the outset, we said that this was a big experiment and it may not work at all, but to NBC’s credit, they decided to boldly charge ahead anyways!

And from a personal perspective, I was happy because I know my mom’s a big fan of the show so I was looking forward to seeing her & her friends reactions. I think the more avenues we get people into VR, the faster VR will hit the mainstream so we can all benefit from it. (If only she was as excited about Senza!) I also loved the reaction from introducing VR to everyone on the set, from the crew all the way up to the producers who were all enthusiastic about VR.

We were also excited that NBC went the extra mile to allow the experience to be posted online so we could share it with others and hear their perspective (until Dec 19th when it has to go down because of music rights). I’d love to hear reactions & how family members, especially fans of the show, reacted. I was surprised at how well it worked; in our next live action experience, we’d love to play with moving the camera and adding fake parallax for positional tracking. What’re your thoughts on 3D 360 VR?



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