February 24, 2016

Software Royale

and Introducing S&M Fridays

We all love the megatroplis called the internet, particularly it’s inhabitants of artists & technicians who fill it with wonderful things. For decades I’ve plundered this treasure for inspiration, information, insights, how-tos and everything in-between and lately i’ve started feeling little tinges of guilt…  so it’s with this guilt and mountains of appreciation i’ve decided to create S&M Fridays and actually “try” to give something back on a regular basis.  Time will tell if my duo of guilt and gratitude can topple my seemingly boundless procrastination!



Everyone seems to like software, me included, so to warm up I decided on a boring but easy run through of software I’m using to evolve the creative world of our game Bebylon. Beyond the usual software, we all know finding the right program for this or that task can be a fucking constant annoyance.  Especially if your like me, extremely picky about every nuance of how an app fits my work style and more importantly, how it feels to spend time in…  does it inspire me to want to use and so on.   So the following is the results of years of hunting with a few new discoveries, though what I really dream about is a team of programmers who can write exactly what I want.
Hopefully a you’ll find a few nuggets.

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November 2, 2015

Bebylon Battle Royale

After 3 months in stealth mode, we’re excited to announce we’re making a wild VR comedy game called: Bebylon: Battle Royale, A game of Vehicular Melee Party Brawling!

So if you ever dreamt about possessing the body of an eccentric superstar baby driving a Rolls Royce hovercraft armed to destroy the giant ego of your baby opponent in front of screaming fans… we have the perfect game world for you;

A perfect game world is after all not a jolly round of chess in the park, or shuffleboard with the neighbors. It’s a dirty, rotten showdown; a monumental roasting of egos, a fan-screeching, game of greed, status, envy, humiliation bombs, sucker punches and bitch slaps. It’s the uncontrollable desire to crush your opponents self-worth into a vaporous ash! It’s the battle to be the richest most badass beby in Bebylon.

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August 31, 2015

Download GE Neuro + UE4 360 Stereo Render Plugin Details

Ride The Mind Of A Musician

TLDR: Download @
Note: 0.6.01 Runtime Required!

We’re excited to publicly release our latest VR Experience: GE Neuro – a musical journey through the human brain.

Working with GE, we created an experience that draws you into the musical mind of Ladytron member and DJ, Reuben Wu. With a jolt of magical tech you shrink to nano scale and enter Ruben’s brain like a Tie-Fighter entering the Death Star. Reubens musically powered imagination is the warm up world which leads you into a beautiful visualization of his amygdala surrounded by neurological responses to thoughts, ideas, fears and memories.

Reuben composed an original score for the experience and stands before you in VR as a full CG digital double. You even get to peer into his actual brain via a volumetric MRI scan he was gracious enough to endure!

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May 13, 2015

Senza Peso VR: Open Sourced

TLDR: Download @
UE4.5 Project:

Hey guys,
We’ve been wanting to do this for awhile but we’re finally releasing the UE4 Senza Peso project!

We want to give back and by sharing the Senza Peso project, we hope others can learn and use some of our techniques to make even awesomer VR. We want to accelerate how quickly VR enters the mainstream and the fastest way to do that is by fostering and sharing the learnings we’re all discovering in these early days so more people can create stellar content.

We wanted to release it on the UE4 Marketplace for maximum exposure but it proved too complicated since each major revision of the engine broke the project. So instead of waiting until the video support stabilizes, we’re going to just release it out in the wild.

Some quick release notes:

  • Senza Peso was built in a mad dash and our first project using UE4 so keep that in mind if you’re learning UE4 (e.g. *don’t use it as a guide for best practices*)
  • This version of the project is built against UE4.5. YMMV for any other version
  • Music has been removed b/c of licensing rights
  • The UE4.5 version of Senza has a worse performance profile b/c of having to use the still unstable built-in movie playback support. The original version had a custom movie playback plugin that was pretty sweet.
  • All the code for the Stereo Billboards is packaged in there as well (probably the most useful part for a lot of people since we get that request quite a bit. Again, code is prototype/exploratory quality but has the relevant bits to extract out)

Hopefully this will inspire other people to create some amazing VR experiences and in turn, share their awesomesauce!

Cory & Ikrima

P.S. If you’re coming to SVVR Expo in May, let us know! Maybe we can round up people to go for some drinks

April 22, 2015

KNLStation/Batcave: DK2 Remix

TLDR: Download @

Hey guys,
We’re ramping up on our next project, our upcoming UE4 Stereo 360 Export, and Alembic Importer plugins, but we wanted to re-release an old favorite: a DK2 Updated version of the K&L Station + Batcave!

It’s crazy to think that only a year ago, we released the KNLStation to our newsletter of 194 subscribers. A year & a facebook Oculus acquisition later, we just crossed over 5000 subscribers.

It’s still just the two of us working full-time but we wanted to thanks: to all the people who’ve helped us along the way and to all of you guys and your support! We couldn’t have done it without you.

So take a trip down VR and re-enter a mashup of Hugo, the 5th element, and Batman…in High Def!

Ikrima & Cory

P.S. If you’re coming to SVVR Expo in May, let us know! Maybe we can round up people to go for some drinks

March 10, 2015

Download Insurgent VR: Shatter Reality

Be a Divergent in Insurgent

TLDR: Download @
Gear VR: Oculus Home on GearVR

Hey guys,

I’m excited to finally be able to share with you guys what we’ve been working on for the past 4 months – our first movie tie-in VR experience!

How would you like to be a character in a scene from a blockbuster movie? This was how Lionsgate approached us back in September when they asked us to create a VR experience for their upcoming Insurgent movie.

Since the movie revolves around a VR simulation tie in, we thought it would be perfect for VR and right up our alley – combine cinematic narrative with surreal and epic visuals. Lionsgate’s support allowed us to film the principal talent such as Kate Winslet & Mekhi Phifer on set during film production. We also got a chance to introduce them to VR with Senza Peso.

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September 23, 2014

NBC’s The Voice 360: A 3D 360 VR Experience

TLDR: Download at

A bit of a change of pace from our usual fantasy & sci-fi worlds, we just wrapped working with NBC to create a VR component for their Voice 3D 360 chair tour. When NBC approached us about this, we were excited that about the opportunity to experiment with 3D 360 video in VR and the opportunity to have the four judges (Pharrell, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, & Gwen Stefani) from the show participate in a little VR experience. From the outset, we said that this was a big experiment and it may not work at all, but to NBC’s credit, they decided to boldly charge ahead anyways!

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September 3, 2014

Senza Peso VR: DK2 Edition

DOWNLOAD THE DK2 VR EXPERIENCE: Windows VR YOUTUBE PLAYBACK: This is our most visually-rich experience to date — a high-end PC is required. The road to the DK2 Edition was full of surprising challenges but we’re happy that we have a 75 fps version with solid positional tracking.  I know you guys are super excited to try it so I’ll keep this short. A couple of new things:

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Senza Peso
June 3, 2014

Senza Peso: New Virtual Reality Experience + Short Film

This is our most visually-rich experience to date — a high-end PC is required.

We’re excited to present our latest cinematic Virtual Reality experience, Senza Peso, along with its short film counterpart.

The idea: Watch the visually and musically-rich short film, then descend into the beautiful realms depicted therein and experience the afterlife for yourself without having to die first!

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March 18, 2014


We just posted up our new VR experience titled K&L Station which leads you into our experience,  the CAVE.  (The link is in the previous blog post)


We wanted to create a branded opening experience that leads you into each of our VR experiences. Similar to a Film Studio title in front of a movie, like FOX or the Warner Brothers logo.  We love how those short logo animations and music get you excited your about to watch a big movie and also how they enhance the logos depending on the movie (the WB logo for the Matrix, etc…) However in VR space, this idea can be interpreted in many different ways…. Not to mention in VR it can’t just be a logo… right?  It has to be a full blown killer experience!!

Our inspiration somehow landed at Hugo meets the Fifth Element!  For those of you who haven’t seen the experience you start in a busy retro furturisic Parisian train station complete with flying cars. The K&L Express arrives to take you on your journey as your faced with some of the funny characters who hang out at the station!  And there is a Transwarping portal at the end!

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